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You have built a great mobile app, deployed all the major tests, published it on marketplaces, and now you need to increase downloads. Well, there are many ways to do that. You might need some good mobile application development service for the required optimization. They will work on the key aspects through which your mobile app can become more productive.

The key objective is to increase the number of downloads on marketplaces. Here are some great tips to reach this objective conveniently:

Improve Social Sharing of your APP

Before you deploy your mobile app on an online store, you must check that all the social sharing buttons are working properly. With simple CTA (click to action) buttons, users can easily share your app link or promote it on popular social media channels. Here are the most trending social media platforms which need to be implemented in your app:

  • Facebook
  • Instagram
  • Twitter
  • LinkedIn
  • YouTube
  • Pinterest

Each social platform has billions of active users so your mobile app will get a huge response from your target audiences. Just make social to implement these necessary extensions in your mobile app.

User-responsive Mobile Layout

You often see that whenever you access an ecommerce mobile app and it response your actions rapidly, you start gaining interest with it. Just like that, if your app is providing a good response to user activities, you will gain more traffic. It includes:

  • Quick navigation between pages
  • Ease of access
  • Flexible cart system
  • Fast Checkout processes

While you maintain a checklist for what is needed to develop a reliable mobile app, you must include all these necessary factors as well.

Designing a Great App Icon

A powerful icon always creates opportunities to grab attention from the users. If you a creating team of designers who can implement their innovative idea, tell them to create an impacting app icon. It basically acts as a brand logo, and hence it needs to be unique but user-engaging. So, brainstorm ideas and use your creativity to build a strong one.

High-quality Content

From descriptions to the images, everything should be uploaded after a quality check. You need to see whether your app is looking interactive while all the content gets updated on your app. Images should be clear and have high resolution to provide user clarity.

Even if you update your layout, you need to be sure about quality at first priority. Poor quality content might affect users’ interest and they might leave your site frequently. So, keep this aspect maintained throughout the optimization process.

Share Customers’ Reviews

When customers give reviews on your app performance or services, you must share it on different online media. Take screenshots and upload them on your ecommerce site, social pages, and other relevant resources.

You can also ask them to share pictures of your products to gain more audiences for your app. When users see the images of your products on the review section, and read reviews about them, they engage more frequently with your app.

Most of the online businesses find a good mobile application development company in India to reach their business goals. However, if they already have a good mobile app and still looking for superior services, they can utilize these beneficial tips to increase the number of downloads for their app.

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